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Making Room

I’m currently living in approximately 700 square feet of living space.  It’s small, but not unbearable.  There’s something very comforting about knowing exactly how much stuff I can cram in here at any given time.  Old magazines?  I’m sorry you’ll have to go.  Excessive knickknacks?  No, not so much.  It’s not that I don’t have

Park(ing) Day

I used to have what I consider the best type of commute to work; I could walk.  It was beautiful.  I could get a little fresh air, some exercise, see the neighborhood from the sidewalk rather than flying by outside my windshield.  I loved it.  No worries about parking or traffic, just a nice stroll


Welcome to Portland, IDSA members! We love the DIY theme. A big thanks to everyone who helped to make a great conference!  Be sure and visit our neighborhood, Old Town/Chinatown, while you are here, and check out our favorite spots: Compound (One word: Godzilla) Ground Kontrol (Played Pacman lately?) Tanner Goods/The Woodlands (High end design

Beginning to End

There’s so much that happens between idea and product, whatever that product is.  Writing, playing music, engineering, product design. Whatever the mind can conceive, has a long journey between thought and a finished, shiny thing you can hold in your hand. One of the best things I’ve seen in a while is the new exhibit

Welcome to our New WordPress Blog

Our blog is now powered by WordPress, and now will be both a place to post FlatHED news as well as other design and product development related links. Hope to see you here.  Please let us know your thoughts.  Our website also recently enjoyed a makeover.  Please report any navigation bugs or other issues to

Jordco introduces eDX

FlatHED worked with Jordco, Inc. to develop the eDX, a tool for dentists. Using Jordco’s proprietary technology, the eDX helps your dentist find that broken tooth. Go to Jordco’s website.