Monthly Archives: August 2010

Bend, Flex, Ride

I don’t personally commute via bicycle, but it’s very popular around these parts.  But, for those far more fit than me, there’s this new and interesting development the bendable bike. The bendable bike, created by industrial design student, Kevin Scott, was designed to prevent thefts by enabling riders to easily secure their bikes to any

Plastic Fantastic

The news making that buzzing sound around the water cooler is the proposed plastic bag ban in Portland. It made me wonder; what’s to become of the bags we have now? Art, of course. Which, of course, makes me wonder what of the other recyclables?  Newspaper? Plastic bottles?  The possibilities are endless.


Welcome to Portland, IDSA members! We love the DIY theme. A big thanks to everyone who helped to make a great conference!  Be sure and visit our neighborhood, Old Town/Chinatown, while you are here, and check out our favorite spots: Compound (One word: Godzilla) Ground Kontrol (Played Pacman lately?) Tanner Goods/The Woodlands (High end design